KFC launches NEW Mac ‘N Cheese Kentaco & Cheddar Wedges for a limited time only

KFC launches the new Mac N Cheese Kentaco– a taco made of fried chicken topped with Mac N Cheese!

The new Mac ‘N Cheese Kentaco is a piece of thick chicken fillet marinated and hand-breaded with the Hot & Crispy recipe, slit open and fried to golden perfection to form a ‘U’ shape taco shell.

Meal bundles
Mac N Cheese Kentaco Meal ($9.45) 

Consist of:
-1x Mac N Cheese Kentaco
-1x Golden Cheddar Wedges
-1x Pepsi Black (Med)

Mac N Cheese Kentaco box ($11.45)


Consists of:
-1x Original Recipe Chicken
-1x Mac N Cheese Kentaco
-1x Nuggets (3 Pcs)
-1x Whipped Potato (Reg)
-1x Pepsi Black (Med)
Golden Cheddar Wedges ($4.95 a la carte, $3.50 add-on)

Savour the new Golden Cheddar Wedges, coated with an addictive cheddar cheese sprinkle. Each Mac ‘N Cheese Kentaco meal comes with a side of Golden Cheddar Wedges.

This is available across all KFC outlets except Nanyang Technological University, Singapore Polytechnic and Singapore Zoo.

Images from KFC