Here are the BEST mobile apps to increase your productivity

Ever wanted to focus on your school project or work, but there are just too many distractions around? Fret not, you are not alone!

All you need is a little help to keep you more focused! Here are 5 mobile apps that increase your productivity.


Forest - Stay focused, be present

Image from Forest 

Ever wondered how you can plant a tree in real life? The Forest app not only allows you to focus but also partners with a real-tree-planting organisation.

Whenever you want to stay focused, plant a tree. While you are doing your task, your tree will grow. If you leave the app, it will cause your tree to die.

focus booster | pomodoro app and time tracker for online and web

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FocusBooster helps you to conquer all distractions with laser focus. You can set a goal and this app will help provide insights into how much time you actually dedicate to your goals.

You can also review how productive you are throughout the day and see how you progressed!



Image from Trello

As a visual learner, I rely more on charts and diagrams to aid in my productivity. Trello has been useful as it organises our tasks, timelines and calendars into a board!

I can also share the board with my peers for group projects and we can keep track of the tasks together!


todoist for the web and mobile user interface

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Sometimes when you have too many errands to run, some of them may slip your mind. Having Todoist helps you to classify your tasks better and you can feel more at ease.

Always take things one step at a time!

Study Bunny

Screenshot Image

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If the above apps does not interest you, this one definitely will! After all, who can resist a cute bunny?

Simply time your studying and if you can’t concentrate, hit the pause button for motivational advice! There are tools to aid you in your productivity as well.

With these apps, you will have a more productive time doing your tasks, all the best!

Here’s a tip on how to be happier: Use your strengths

Every one of us has our own individual strengths. To become happier, we should tap on our strengths to help other people.

So, what is a strength?

A strength is a trait, a psychological characteristic over situations and time. When you show your strengths, the people around you are often elevated and inspired by observing the virtuous action.

There are 24 character strengths classified into the virtue of wisdom, courage, humanity, justice, and temperance.

What are your strengths as a leader? Positive psychology proposes 6 virtues and 24 character strengths - GeniusWorks

So, how do you discover what exactly is your strength? Simply visit the VIA Character Strengths website to take a FREE personality test.

Here are the results of my top character strengths! Some of it came as a surprise to me…

Regardless of what your strengths are, use your signature strengths every day to maximise work satisfaction, without regard for money or advancement. Use them to make others happy as well.

Especially during tough times like the pandemic, it is important that we provide support to our loved ones.

Images from VIA character strengths 

These SIMPLE habits can help to make you a happier person

Happiness is something that we all hope to achieve. However, it may seem difficult at times because there seem to be things that hinder us from becoming happy.

Despite so, here are some tips that you can try that helps you to be a happier person.

Acts of kindness

White Printer Paper With Be Kind Text on Plants

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Have you heard of the saying “a little kindness makes the world go round?” By showing kindness, it can increase one’s well-being and contributes to good relationships as well.

You do not have to go out of your way to show kindness. It can be as simple as complimenting your friend’s outfit and making them feel better, or offering help to someone in need.

Showing gratitude

Silver-colored Heart Lock Bridge

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How many of us actually say “thank you” to our loved ones? Sometimes, the simplest things are the hardest to say. We often take little things for granted and overlook that these little things are worth being grateful for.

People who express their gratitude for each other tend to be more willing to forgive others and less narcissistic.

To start off, you can keep a gratitude journal and write five things you are grateful for each day! No matter how small it is, showing your gratitude can make you happier.


Inscription on wall in cafe

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Savouring means that we attempt to fully feel, enjoy, and extend our positive experiences.

Simply put, it means to live in the moment and enjoy the happy feelings that you are currently experiencing.

You can also savour past events by reminiscing on the happy things that you experienced before in life.  Habitual’ savorers are more likely to maintain a happy mood in the absence of positive life events, compared to people who do not savour positive daily events.


Woman Practicing Yoga

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Mindfulness is the basic human ability to be fully present, aware of where we are and what we’re doing, and not overly reactive or overwhelmed by what’s going on around us.

It can help to reduce stress and anxiety, improves attention, and promotes self-regulation.

An activity which you can do is meditation.

Here are also some apps that help to track your mindfulness:

Moodflow: Mood journal to keep track of your emotions 

Moodflow: Journal, Diary & Mood tracker

Image from Moodflow 

Healthy Minds: Simple Meditation exercises to do daily 

Try Our Free App for Guided, Mindful Meditation | Healthy Minds Innovations

Image from Healthy Minds 

Now you would have realised that happiness does not exist in a faraway place, but it exists within yourself. Start practising these steps to become happier!