Vivocity Mid-Autumn Light up is smaller but more lit than Chinatown’s

As the Mid-Autumn Festival approaches, many places in Singapore are adorned with dazzling lights. This year, Vivocity has transformed its Level 3 Sky Park into an Alice in Wonderland inspired lantern exhibition.

This light exhibition, titled Curious Adventures in Wonderland, has 5 large centerpieces. This exhibition happens from now till 22 September 2019.

Down the Rabbit Hole

This is a short tunnel full of dazzling lights and fun, cheery music!

A Mad Tea Party

Mad Hatter’s Party here has a huge table full of food!

Tunnel Of Soldiers

March through this 10-meters tunnel with card soldiers along the aisle!

Pool Of Cards

The card soldiers are taking over the pool!

The Queen’s Castle

The Queen of heart’s castle is a 10-meters tall display, luminated with beautiful light!

Our Experience

Overall, the displays are beautiful and fun. Though there are several difficulties. For one, we had to squeeze through the crowd to take an IG worthy photo.

And as noobs to photography, we spent a long time trying to adjust the ISO to take pictures that doesn’t darken our models.

 Curious Adventures in Wonderland
Where: Vivocity, Sky Park (Level 3)
When: Till 22 September 2019, 1000hr – 2200hr

Images from our host Jimmy & Evalee & Vivocity