NPark unveils a new dog run and bird perch at East Coast Park, largest in the east

NParks Singapore unveiled a new dog run and bird perch for visitors to bring their furry or feathered friends.  The new facilities are located at Parkland Green, within East Coast Park.

The dog run, at 0.2ha (2,000 sq m), is at least two times the size of the other existing largest  dog run in the east.

According to NParks Singapore, the perch was built using upcycled woods from East Coast Park. This was designed in consultation with animal community groups in Singapore.

Both the dog run and the bird perch were designed in consultation with the community and enhances pet-friendly amenities at the park

Dog Run @ Parkland Green (ECP)
Where: 920 ECP, Singapore 449875
Opening Hours: 8AM – 10PM

Images from NParks Singapore