A Visual Tour of Marina Square Mega Indoor Playground

Here’s a first look at the 18 play zones of Kiztopia Singapore which was officially opened last Sunday (15 June).

Pio’s Drift

Kids gets to hop into these mini cars at Pio’s Drift and enjoy a ride on the “roads”. There is also a “petrol station” to recharge their cars.

Hero Square

The central stage where kids can watch a show, get up-close with mascots and participate in activities.

Bell’s Cuisine

Your little ones gets to be chefs and have a fun time with the kitchen utensils.

Raby’s Supermarket

Your child gets to shop in a kids supermarket. Grab a shopping cart stocked with greens and more. Children can choose to be either shoppers, cashiers or even shopkeepers.

Tina’s Snip

A play salon for children who loves to play dress up and show off their creative flair!

Bouncy Tiger

Every kids love bouncy castle!

Chichi’s Art

Children gets to draw on interactive screens! Their drawing will then pop up on the AR screen display on the wall!

Mojo Zone

Let your young ones slide down any of the two giant slides before landing into a ball pit!

Cosmic Space

Your little ones gets to play with the five sets of slides and other climbing concepts, cosmos themed.

Ninja Warrior

This area features unique obstacle course for the young to develop confidence, perseverance, agility and even stamina!

Raby Pit

Your young ones can roll around in this indoor sand pit and build sand castles!

Gift Shop

Finally.. Don’t leave the place without a token of remembrance..

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Singapore’s latest innovative mega playground opens in Marina Square this June


Images from Press Release from Kiztopia Singapore