Xiaomi x Microhoo launches Mini Air-Conditioner at S$39.90

Microhoo, a company who has received funding from Xiaomi’s crowdfunding platform has recently launched its Mini Air-conditioner and is retailing on Qoo10 at S$39.90.

According to the company, the personal air-conditioning fan has an adjustable fan speed between 1 to 99. At its maximum, it can reach up to 1 meter and is able to lower the surrounding temperature by 10 degree Celsius.

However, it is recommended that the unit is not turned on for more than 6 hours per day.

Portable 1-litre iced tank

The mini air-conditioner comes with a portable 1-litre tank where you can fill it with iced water or simply put it in the refrigerator.

Here’s the promo clip:

Xiaomi Microhoo Mini Air Conditioner Fan
Cost: S$39.90 (Excluding S$3.99 shipping fee)
Order now here

Images from Xiaomi Microhoo