Hong Kong Joy Luck Tea House opens in ION Orchard today, Up to 20% Opening Promo

Joy Luck Teahouse (歡樂冰室) opens its doors today (28 August 2020) at ION Orchard, B4-61, selling popular Hong Kong snacks like egg tarts, pineapple buns, Hong Kong-style fish ball, milk tea and more.

The Teahouse currently houses three famous Hong Kong F&B brands including Hoover Cake Shop (豪華餅店), Kam Kee Café (金記冰室) and Tak Hing Fishball Company (德興魚蛋公司).

As part of the opening promotion, walk-in customer enjoys 10% off regular items with no minimum spending. 20% discount off regular is offered with S$10 minimum spending with membership signup.

Joy Luck Teahouse (歡樂冰室) Opening
When: 28 August 2020
Where: ION Orchard, #B4-61 (9AM – 10PM)
What: 20% Opening Promotion

Images from Joy Luck Teahouse