Top 5 Chinese Radio Programs In Singapore you should tune in to improve your Chinese

Love 97.2 早安!玉建煌崇

Timing: 6am – 11am
DJ: 陈碧玉、陈建彬(@marcus.chenjianbin)、李国煌 (@marklee4444)、周崇庆 (@denniszhouchongqing)

The star program segment of Love 97.2. This show features veteran celebrity DJs talking about current affairs in a light-hearted manner. Marcus and Mark are known for their comedy, sometimes with sexual innuendo. Biyu and Dennis brings to the show their unique sense of humor.

Yes 93.3 大咖一起来

Timing: 6am – 11am
DJ: 陈宁 (@jningchan)、 Jeff (@therealjeffgoh)、高美贵 (@meigui.k)

There is a reason why the morning drive time show is nominated for Star Awards 2021, Best Radio Station Program award.

The hosts gives off lots of encouragement and love to brighten your weekday morning. The latest addition to the show, Meigui (Ex-Campus Superstar contestant), often serenades the listeners with her beautiful singing!

88.3Jia 早午最疯狂

Timing: 9am – 12pm
DJ: Robin (@883robin)、 Jimmy (@883jimmykoh)

This is perhaps the first Chinese radio program to be hosted by two male DJs. Light-hearted and fast-pace show, Robin & Jimmy are like two of your best friends. Their (sometimes) wicked sense of humor and sarcasm is a delight to listen to!

Yes 93.3 古德衣服宁

Timing: 5pm – 8pm
DJ: 坤华 (@kunhua_c)、 蔡伟彬 (@nicoweibin)

I’ve lost count of how long the duo has been hosting in the evening drive timebelt. Listening to the two of them talk about the latest entertainment news is like the news unfolding in front of your eyes.

Occasionally, they also conduct interviews with celebrities from both Singapore and overseas.

Ufm100.3 早班

Timing: 6am – 10am
DJ: 文鸿、丽梅、小猪 (@xiaozhu1003)、靖禾 (@andrewzhan)

They make you feel like a family with the quibbles and encouragements. 文鸿 and 丽梅 are like strict parents who can be fun occasionally. This program also live streams every morning on Facebook and the DJs sometimes dresses up and dance in front of the camera.

Talk about dedication!

Images from respective radio station’s social media page.