KFC original chicken is now available as a burger, giving you more variety than just the 2 piece meal

Do you love the Original flavour KFC chicken? I love it!

From now onwards, your favourite 11 herbs and spices chicken comes in a burger and you can choose between the best of both worlds.

BBQ Cheese Zinger

The burger comes with two toasted sesame buns, the 11 Herbs and Spices Chicken and topped off with pepper mayonnaise sauce.

That’s not all, they say 2 is better than 1 right?

BBQ Cheese Zinger

The KFC Original Recipe Stacker is also available. Double the meat, double the joy.

BBQ Cheese Zinger

There is also the BBQ Cheese Zinger Burger which is a crispy chicken version with crunchy turkey bacon topped off with Jalapeno cheese and smoky BBQ sauce.

With the new menu launch, you can have more variety to choose from apart from your regular 2 piecemeal.

Images from KFC Singapore