Prague famous Donut Ice-cream chain opens flagship store in Vivocity

After Gram Pancakes Singapore opened its flagship store in Vivocity last month, another famous dessert chain from Prague has also set foot at Vivocity.

Enters Good Food Coffee And Bakery.

This bakery is famous for its Chimneys, which are cone-shaped-doughnuts, served with soft serve ice-cream and other toppings.

The fusion between the hot doughnut and the ice-cream creates a smoke-like-effect, hence the name.

These doughnut ice-cream are also cheaper here in Singapore with a price range of S$6.90 to S$7.90.

According to the website, there are 14 different sweet flavors..

And 6 additional savory options..

Good Food Coffee And Bakery

Where: Vivocity, #02-135/136
When: Opens daily, 1100hr – 2200hr
Cost: From S$6.90


Images from Good Food Coffee and Bakery Instagram