Burger King Singapore introduces Avocado Cones, Floats & Sundaes from 17 September 2019

Burger King Singapore will be introducing avocado desserts from today (17 September 2019).

Avocado Float (From S$2.30)

Diners can choose from Minute Maid Orange Juice, Coca-Cola or Fanta topped with Avocado Banana soft serve ice cream.

Avocado Banana Cone & Sundaes (From S$1.20)

The new Avocado Banana Cone at S$1.20 each. Avocado Banana Sundaes with strawberry or chocolate drizzles retails at S$2.50 per cup.

BONUS: Bulgogi Chicken

Besides avocado desserts, Burger King has also added a new Korean-style fried Bulgogi Chicken to its menu.

It is available at $2.80 for 2pcs.