Paris Baguette Celebrates NDP with 5 For 5 Pastries Deal, till 17 Aug 2020

To celebrate Singapore’s 55th birthday, Paris Baguette is offering a 5-for-5 promotion for selected pastries from now till 17 August 2020.

The selection includes Paris Baguette’s Croissant (S$3.50),  Pain au Chocolat (S$3.90), Mini Croissants (S$5.90), Caramalized Butter Pastry (S$4.50), Caramelized Cream Cheese Pastry (S$4.70), Spicy Chicken Sausage Pastry (S$4) and Spring Onion & Sausage Pastry (S$4).

In addition, the bakery will also be launching limited edition National Day Pastries featuring the Singapore flag, which is also part of the 5 For 5 deal.

This deal is available for both in-store and takeaway.