LiHO Singapore brings back seasonal Korean strawberry beverage series for a limited time

For a limited time only, LiHO TEA is bringing back its seasonal strawberry beverages. The drinks will feature the sweet Korean Seolhyang strawberry.

As part of the launch, LiHO is introducing one new and two returning flavors:

K-Strawberry CheeZHO Cake (New)

The K-Strawberry CheezHO Cake includes LiHO’s signature cheese foam, fresh milk, strawberries, white pearls and tea jelly. In addition, the drink is topped with chocolate sauce

According to LiHO, the drink is supposed to mimic the texture of a velvety cheesecake. It comes in two sizes: Medium (S$7.50) and large (S$8.50).

K-Strawberry Latte

This drink is a refreshing blend of crushed whole strawberries and cold fresh milk. It is available in two sizes: Medium (S$7.10) and large (S$8.10). It can also be served as a hot drink for S$7.10.

K-Strawberry Jing Syuan

This creamy and flowery drink is a combination of strawberries and LiHO’s Jing Syuan Tea. The medium sized drink retails at S$7.10 while large is available at S$8.10. It can be also served as a hot drink at S$7.10.

Images from LiHO Singapore