Garden By The Bay has cute Mid-Autumn Festival displays and FREE live performances

Looking for a place to celebrate the Mid-autumn festival other than Chinatown? Here’s a suggestion for you!

From now till the start of October, visit Gardens’ By The Bay to catch mesmerising displays and exciting performances!

Here are the main highlights of the festival. 

Lantern displays

Get up close and take your Instagram-worthy shots with these adorable lantern displays. 


First up, we have beautiful sky lanterns. Sky lanterns symbolise prosperity in Chinese. Many also believe that you can write a resolution on the sky lantern, set it free, and your wish will come true!


There is also the rabbits’ trail where you can see the rabbits in different cute poses. 

Painting displays

Rice Threshing

Catch a glimpse of the artworks of Korean traditional artists. Each painting has its own significant meaning behind it.

For example, this painting shows a group of workers harvesting rice tirelessly and a man lying on a mat. It shows how two different groups of people live together in society.

Cultural performances

A Bigger Bang - The Percussion Assembly

If you miss watching live performances, catch this huge range of performances ranging from Chinese Orchestra to Chinese opera.

You may have heard of organisations such as Ding Yi Music Company, Singapore Chinese Dance Theatre and Tang Renaissance. Be sure to show them some support this Mid-Autumn Festival!

All performances are free. However, pre-registration is required.

The fun begins at Gardens By The Bay this mid-autumn festival!

Images from Gardens By The Bay