Singapore’s best employers 2021 survey results out, Ministry Of Manpower comes in 36th place

The annual survey results for Singapore’s best employers are finally out.

This year, every company in Singapore with 200 people are considered for the ranking. A total of 1,700 companies fall into this category.

In total, more than 200,000 evaluations were collected.

The companies are scored based on employee satisfaction level of their companies. The respondents could also give their opinions on other employers that are in the same industry.

Here is the list of the top 20 employers:

Source: Statista

Based on this list, the best employers mostly come from IT, Internet, software and services, Banking and financial services and travel and leisure.

Interestingly, the Ministry Of Manpower came in 36th place this year.

Free Hand Sanitiser available at 108 selected community clubs from tomorrow

Temasek Foundation is giving away free hand sanitiser from 12 – 25 April 2021 across 108 community clubs.

The hand sanitisers will be dispensed automatically via vending machines.

Here are 3 simple steps to collect:

Do note the vending machines located outside the Community Clubs can be accessed all day. However, vending machines located within the CC has a fixed operating hour from 10am to 10pm.

To find your nearest hand sanitizer vending machine, click here.

Items To Bring for Collection

  1. 500ml empty bottle
  2. March/April SP bill that contains a #BYOBclean QR code for collection, or SP account number

Images from BYOB Singapore

Singapore ranks 32nd as the most happiest country in the world, according to Gallop World Poll

Singapore is ranked 32nd in the World Happiness Report conducted by Gallop World Poll.

The poll surveyed respondents from 149 countries and measures metrics such as social support, personal freedom, gross domestic product (GDP) and levels of corruption.

Unlike other years, the survey taps on a variety of data to trace the size and distribution of the happiness impacts of COVID-19.

Here are the top 10 happiest nation:

  1. Finland
  2. Denmark
  3. Switzerland
  4. Iceland
  5. Netherlands
  6. Norway
  7. Sweden
  8. Luxembourg
  9. New Zealand
  10. Austria

Surprisingly, most of the respondents were still happy, despite feeling more stressed during the COVID-19 period.

Many respondents also shared they did something interesting and felt more well-rested during the pandemic.




Star Awards 2021: 60 celebrities compete for top 20 most popular artistes spots, 15 first time nominees

The Star Awards 2021 will be held on 18 April. This year’s award ceremony is different because last year’s was postponed due to Covid-19.

As such, there are more nominees for each award category.

For instance, the Top 10 Most Popular Male/ Female Artiste award typically has 20 nominees each.

This year, there are 30 nominees for each category. This means, 60 celebrities are essentially competing for the 20 coveted spots.

Here are the nominees:

Top 30 Most Popular Female Artistes

  1. Aileen Tan
  2. Ann Kok
  3. Belinda Lee
  4. Bonnie Loo
  5. Carrie Wong
  6. Chantalle Ng
  7. Chen Ning
  8. Dawn Yeoh
  9. Denise Camillia Tan
  10. Eleanor Lee
  11. Felicia Chin
  12. He Yingying
  13. Hong Huifang
  14. Hong Ling
  15. Jasmine Sim
  16. Jayley Woo
  17. Jesseca Liu
  18. Jin Yinji
  19. Ke Le
  20. Kimberly Chia
  21. Lin Meijiao
  22. Lina Ng
  23. Mei Xin
  24. Michelle Wong
  25. Paige Chua
  26. Pan Lingling
  27. Rebecca Lim
  28. Tay Ying
  29. Ya Hui
  30. Yvonne Lim

Top 30 Most Popular Male Artistes

  1. Chen Shucheng
  2. Chen Tianwen
  3. Chen Yixi
  4. Darren Lim
  5. Dennis Chew
  6. Desmond Ng
  7. Desmond Tan
  8. Edwin Goh
  9. Guo Liang
  10. Henry Thia
  11. Ian Fang
  12. James Seah
  13. Jeffrey Xu
  14. Joel Choo
  15. Joshua Tan
  16. Marcus Chin
  17. Pierre Png
  18. Pornsak
  19. Rayson Tan
  20. Richard Low
  21. Romeo Tan
  22. Shane Pow
  23. Shaun Chen
  24. Xu Bin
  25. Yao Wenlong
  26. Zhang Wei
  27. Zhang Yaodong
  28. Zheng Geping
  29. Zhu Houren
  30. Zong Zijie

Interestingly, Felicia Chin, Zheng Geping, and Dennis Chew are competing for their 10th trophy, after-which they will ascend to collect the All-Time Favourite Artiste Award the following year.

Out of the 60 nominees, 15 of them made it to the list for the first time. Most of them are new-comers, including Chantalle Ng, who recently caught the attention of many with her portrayal of a Vietnamese bride in hit drama series, My Star Bride.


Remembering Ng Man-tat: The 5 films that marked his milestones in Hong Kong film industry

Veteran Hong Kong actor Ng Man-tat died on Saturday, 27 February at the age of 70. He was diagnosed with cancer last year and has been receiving treatment in Macau.

Ng debuted 47 years ago and was featured in more than 154 films. He is perhaps, largely remembered as the sidekick of  Stephen Chow.

Here are some of the films that were particularly special to him:

1. The Final Combat (1989)

The friendship between Ng and Chow probably started with their first wuxia movie collaboration. Ng had a dual role in the film. He acted as the apprentice of the Celestine Sect, who must fight off his evil twin brother (also acted by him).

2. All for the winner (1990)

This movie was Hong Kong’s highest-grossing film of 1990 and was a spin-off to God of Gambler. Ng took on the role of Blackie Tat, the money-minded, Hong Kong uncle to Stephen Chow.

With his convincing acting, Ng clinched the Best Actor Nomination at the 10th Hong Kong film awards the following year.

3. Portland Street Blues (1998)

This is one of the few movies in which Ng took a more serious role, making this movie an example of his versatility in acting. In this movie, Ng played Sister’s 13 (Sandra Ng) father and had to portray emotions of rejection and hurt.

4. The Hospital (2006)

This was one of the memorable shows in which Ng did not act with Stephen Chow.

In this show, Ng plays the director of the NUUH Surgery Department. He is also the tormentor of the protagonist (Jerry Yan). He earned a nomination for the Best Supporting Actor at the 42nd Golden Bells Award in 2017.

5. The Legend Of Shaolin Temple (2021)

This 2021 Chinese New Year film was the final works of Ng. In this show, Ng plays the support role of Ke Shang Lao Zhe.

Thank you Uncle Tat for the joy and laughter you gave to the different generations watching your movies.

Singapore ranks 4th in latest digital civility survey conducted by Microsoft

The Microsoft Digital Civility Index (DCI), is a measure of civility of online interaction.

This year, teens and adults across more than 30 countries took part in the study to examine the extent of negative behaviours and online interactions of 21 internet risks.

According to the survey, Singapore is ranked once again 4th, with significant improvements from last year.

Here are the best DCI scores in the world:

Overall, there is a decrease in bad ratings for online civility. However, there is still an increase in hoaxes, scams and frauds. Most of the sources of the risks come from strangers.

Interestingly, 31% of the respondents said that online civility was worse during the pandemic. This was largely due to the spread of fake news and how people vented their frustrations online.

In addition, 1 in 3 of the participants were involved in cyberbullying. 20% of these people were victims of the bully. Millennials were affected the most by bullying incidents.

According to Cybersecurity experts, the best way to deal with cyberbullies is to ignore and block them. The experts also advised talking it out with a friend or family member is going to help.

Let’s all play a part to be safer online and be nice to others as well.

Images from Microsoft 

Thunderstorm and rain expected to return to Singapore in March 2021

After a spate of hot weather in February 2021, various meteorological reports have forecast there will be a return of thundery showers for Singapore this March 2021.

According to NEA’s weather forecast, the afternoon thundery showers  will return from this Wednesday (3 March 2021).

Overall, the rainfall for the first fortnight of March 2021 is forecast to be near normal over most parts of the island.

The average temperature is expected to range between 24°C and 33°C.

All Singapore residents to receive FREE antiviral & antibacterial mask from today, 1 March 2021

All Singapore resident will receive one FREE cloth mask from today, 10am (1 March 2021).

The brand new type of mask is called the MaskPlus™️ Livinguard. It is antiviral and antibacterial and can be washed up to 30 times.

It is available is 4 sizes (sizes S, M, L and XL). Size S masks are for children under 8 years old.

You can check which size is more suitable for you here:

Collection of the masks can be done from vending machines islandwide with your NRIC. Here are the various collection points:

Let’s do our part to limit the spread of Covid-19 by wearing our masks diligently.

Images from Temasek Foundation

Singapore employees are happier with their jobs, according to new Workplace Happiness Survey

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit us in 2020, many drastic changes to work cultures, behaviours and arrangements were seen.

Despite all the setbacks, a recent survey shows the overall workplace happiness amongst Singaporeans have increased significantly.

The Workplace Happiness Index was derived from 4 key workplace categories, namely one’s basic work needs, sense of belonging, engagement, and well-being.

More than 850 local respondents from various industries such as retail, service and healthcare were interviewed.

It was found that Baby boomers (57 – 75 years old) are the happiest group of people, with the highest average happiness index of 72.8 out of 100.

Additionally, employees who work in the office during the pandemic feel that they have a better work-life balance.

The survey also found the top 3 factors that have the most impact on workplace happiness to the following:

  1. Pride: How proud an employee is to be associated to organisation
  2. Positive Emotions: How happy employee is at work
  3. Gratitude: How thankful an employee is to the company

With the current pandemic situation still looming, employers are encouraged to explore these factors to make the working environment, both virtually and on-site, a happier place.

Images from Align Group