Aloysius Pang’s final drama series is now out on Toggle

Described by his colleagues as a hardworking actor, the accident involving actor Aloysius Pang, which led to his untimely demise came as a shock to many.

Prior to this unfortunate incident, Aloysius had traveled to China, Mongolia and Russia for a drama series titled From Beijing to Moscow (北京到莫斯科).

This final 13-episode film of Aloysius premieres today (13 June) on Toggle.

About the show

Aloysius plays Kenneth who helps his friend, Kaixiang, recovers his memory after a car accident. Together, they begin on an adventure from Beijing to Moscow, hoping to jot the latter’s memory.

This is the trailer:

《北京到莫斯科》 一个横跨七千公里的秘密 Trailer – 黃河

“他们说,上天的安排都是最好的旨意。如果我被夺走的记忆也是一场精心的安排,我该如何带着那段空白继续生活呢?被遗忘的,还要不要找回来?” —— 凯翔人物篇 : 黄河Watch now:北京到莫斯科#augustpictures

Posted by August Pictures on Friday, 7 June 2019

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