McDonald’s Launches McSpicy Delux, Bandung McFlurry and more today!

From today (27 June 2019), for a limited time period only, McDonald’s is launching three new items to its menu. They include the McSpicy Deluxe, McMuffin Stack and Bandung Soft Serve.

Additionally, the Creamy Herbal Chicken Pie (S$1) and Kueh Salat Cake (S$5.20) will also be back.

McMuffin Stack (From S$5.30)

For those of us who wants a heavy breakfast, McMuffin Stack is the way to go. There are two chicken sausage patties, one crispy chicken bacon strip, one sunny-side-up egg and one slice of cheddar cheese in the burger.

This item is available only during breakfast hours. While stocks last.

McSpicy Deluxe (From S$5.90)

This is an upgrade from the usual McSpicy burger. It contains additional ingredients like the white cheddar cheese, tomato and some tomato jalapeno relish. The normal sesame buns are also replaced with the soft cornmeal dusted bun.

Bandung Soft Serve

The Bandung Soft Serve comes in various forms. They include the Bandung Soft Serve Cone/ Twist cone retailing at just S$1. Bandung sundae topped with strawberry sauce (S$2) and Bandung McFlurry (S$3).

These desserts are available exclusively at all of McDonald’s dessert kiosk. While stocks last.



Images from McDonalds Singapore Facebook Page