Joanna Dong and Charlie Lim to headline Youth music festival with a cause

Singapore’s social enterprise landscape is set to change with more young people being vocal about social causes. One evidence is the return of Singapore’s social cause music festival.

Titled Music for a Cause 2019, this festival features 13 local bands. Headliners for this year’s concert includes Joanna Dong and Charlie Lim.

The Concert Line Up

3 August (Day One)

4.40pm – 5pm: HOUG
5.10pm – 5.30pm: Yao
5.40pm – 6pm: Shye
6.25pm – 7.10pm: Tabula
7.30pm – 8pm: Gareth & The Momma Shop
8.25pm – 9.10pm: Jack & Rai
9.30pm – 9.50pm: 53A
10pm – 10.30pm: Joanna Dong

4 Aug (Day Two)

5.15pm – 5.45pm: Fingerfunk
6pm – 6.45pm: BRB
7pm – 7.45pm: Fauxe
8pm – 8.45pm: Subsonic Eye
9pm – 9.30pm: Charlie Lim & Yeo

Social Causes

The music festival also supports 16 social causes including beneficiaries like Dover Park Hospice, Alzheimer’s Disease Association, Singapore Reefs and more.

The public can support these social causes by donating directly at the booths during the music festival.

Music For A Cause 2019

When: 3 Aug (1230hr – 2200hr) | 4 Aug (1430hr – 2130hr)
Where: OCBC Arena Park, Singapore Sports Hub
Cost: Free


Images from MFAC