Meteor showers expected to light up Singapore’s night skies on 12 August 2019

The Perseids Meteor showers, one of the best meteor showers to observe,  is expected to light up Singapore’s night skies later tonight.  It peaks on the night of 12th August and the dawn of 13th August at about 2.30am.

The Perseids is able to produce up to 90 meteors per hour at its peak this year and a large number of bright meteors including fireballs could occasionally be sighted.

However in Singapore, Perseids will not appear as a shower. Instead, they will be coming in one by one.

No equipment is needed to observe this event. However, having a vantage point (one where the view is not blocked by trees, buildings and etc) and little light pollution will greatly increase our odds of witnessing the spectacular astrological event.

Some of the popular venues for meteor shower gazing includes:

  • Ang Mo Kio-Bishan Park
  • Changi Beach
  • East Coast Park
  • Singapore Science Centre
  • Upper Seletar Reservoir
  • Woodlands Galaxy Community Club

Let’s hope for a cloudless night tonight!

Perseids Meteor Shower 2019 
When: 12th August night to 13th August dawn, 0230hr – 0600hr
Direction: North Eastern Sky
Constellation Perseus rises in Singapore from 1am onwards

Images from the internet