National Stadium to be transformed into post-apocalyptic Nerf battleground on 26 October 2019

This year’s Halloween is going to be special with Asia’s first ever zombie survival game that will happen on 26 October 2019 at the National Stadium.

During this day, the National Stadium and the area outside it, will be transformed into a mega play area with zombies taking over the land.

How to Play

Most of the players start as survivors. They run around the premise completing quests sent to them via a mobile app to earn virtual coins. These coins can be used to purchase items from a black market within the game.

However, they have to do all these while avoiding the zombies. Once a zombie tags a survivor by touching him/her, that survivor has to hand over his/her dog tag to the zombie. The survivor then proceeds to a makeup room to get a zombie makeup done and continue the game as a zombie.

As time passes by, the zombie hordes grow and surviving gets harder. The aim of the game is to survive not being tagged by the zombies during the 3.5-hours play time.

Zedtown App

This is the handphone app that survivors must download to play the game. At the beginning, survivors must choose a team to join and to complete quests as a team. (Think Pokemon Go teams)

This handphone app also gives real-time updates of the zombie and survivors count.

Here’s the official trailer to get you excited:

Zedtown Singapore
When: 26 October 2019
Sessions: 12PM & 6PM
Cost: Individual survivor ticket – From S$60

Ticket details, click here.

Images from Zedtown