Samsung is retailing its new Galaxy Fold at S$3,088 from 18 September 2019

The much anticipated Samsung Galaxy Fold will be officially launched in Singapore on 18 September 2019 at S$3,088.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold opens to a 7.3-inch screen like a tablet and when you close it, it becomes an easy-to-carry smartphone with a 4.6-inch display screen.

This device is available in two colors, cosmos black and space silver and comes with 12GB RAM and 512GB of storage space.

Here are other cool things about the Samsung Galaxy Fold:


Samsung Galaxy Fold allows user to split the screen display  and work on them simultaneously. Users can also shift and resize the windows with a tap and drag.


The Galaxy Fold features 6 camera lenses.

There are 3 on the back, which includes a 16MP Ultra Wide Camera, 12MP Wide-angle Camera and 12MP Telephoto Camera.

The two cameras at the back of the phone are the 10MP Selfie Camera and 8MP RGB Depth Camera.

Finally at the cover, there is a 10MP Selfie Camera.

The phone will be available at both the Samsung stores and local telcos.