Immersive Bubble Tea themed exhibition features 10 IG Worthy Installation opens next month

From next month (19 October 2019) till 18 December 2019,  there will be an immersive Bubble Tea themed exhibition opening at *SCAPE.

Titled: The Bubble Tea Factory, visitors can interactive with 10 multi-sensory bubble tea themed installations. According to the organizers, visitors can “relish its grounds with their five senses of sight, sound, touch, smell and taste.”

Some of the highlights includes a large Pearl Pit where visitors gets to play in a pool of balls resembling bubble tea’s pearl. There will also be opportunities to swing on a giant pearl a lá Wrecking Ball, pose with an IV drip of bubble tea for an energy boost and so much more.

This exhibition is a ticketed event and admission passes retails from S$18 per person. However, each visitor will receive a Boba Booster Pack. It includes a set of limited-edition collectible cards that feature interactive challenges, such as taking a selfie with a new friend to create more exciting and engaging experiences.

As visitors approach a sweet end to their tea-riffic journey, they can enjoy a cold refreshing cup of bubble tea on the house accompanied by bubble tea inspired treats.

The Bubble Tea Factory
When: 19 October – 18 December 2019
Where: *SCAPE
Cost: From S$18
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Image from The Bubble Tea Factory