StarHub requires customers affected by outage to manually apply for one-off 20% rebate

Starhub experienced network outage on 15 April 2020, leaving many users who were working and studying from home unable to use the internet for hours.

As part of the service recovery, the telco is now offering a one-time 20% discount to its subscribers. This rebate will be reflected in the May 2020 bill.

However, this rebate is not automatic and affected subscribers have to manually apply for it.

Here are the things to note:
  1. Complete the broadband rebate registration form before 26 April 2020, 2359hr
  2. You will receive an acknowledgement email once you submit the form
  3. You will receive another email before the May 2020 bill to confirm the successful application of rebate onto the May 2020 bill
  4. For users with multiple Home Broadband services, the one-time 20% rebate is applicable to all services affected.