Swee Choon celebrates National Day 2020 with Chilli Crab Lava Bun at 3 for S$8

From today (3 August 2020), Singapore dimsum restaurant, Swee Choon will be launching two seasonal items to celebrate National Day 2020.

Lava Bun with Chilli Crab Filling

These buns resembles the fried buns that normally come with chili crab dishes. This time, the chilli crab filling is already incorporated within the bun.

The Lava Bun with Chilli Crab Filling comes in a set of three for S$8.

Mee Suah Kueh with Chilli Crab Sauce

The second item is made with stir-fried wheat vermicelli, dried shrimps, and Chinese sausage.

It is then deep fried and topped with a sweet and spicy chilli crab paste, consisting of freshly-peeled crab meat and other condiments.

Two servings retail at S$5.

Images from Swee Choon