A first look at all of the 16 light installations at this year’s Singapore Night Festival

The Singapore Night Festival returns for its 12th edition from 23 – 31 August 2019 from 7.30pm to midnight.

This year, there are 16 light installations featuring works with a Southeast Asian connection, casting a spotlight on folklore and traditions, as well as ideas and talents from around the region.

1. Keep Dreaming

Venue: National Museum of Singapore, Façade

The National Museum of Singapore come to life as three mysterious characters awaken from their deep slumber to embark on an adventure.

2. The Legend of Ramayana

Venue: National Museum of Singapore, Banyan Tree

This show takes the audience on a journey of the Sanskrit epic poem The Ramayana. The epic follows Prince Rama’s quest to rescue his beloved wife Sita from the demon King Ravana, through the eyes of a venerable Banyan tree.

3. Disco Walkway

Venue: Walkway along Stamford Road

The Disco Walkway adds vibrancy to the Stamford Walkway with glowing neon-coloured cubes and music.

4. S.C.U.L.P.T

Venue: Armenian Church

First presented in France, S.C.U.L.P.T has been fully redesigned for its debut in Singapore.

Tailored to fit every square centimetre of the Armenian Church’s centuries-old chevet, this artwork is the perfect marriage of projection mapping and interactivity, allowing visitors to manipulate its form and appearance with simple laser beams.

5. Symbiote

Venue: Walkway along Stamford Road

Wander between thin, seamless fabric into an airy and undulating space, a response to Singapore’s dynamic multicultural and multireligious societal fabric, and be immersed in a manifestation of Singaporeans’ interdependence.

6. Tropicana

Venue: Stamford Court Clock

The Stamford Court clock comes to life with bright and bubbly colours, and an extravagant coating of warm tropical vibes under the sun.

7. Waves of Time


This façade projection on the historic CHIJMES chapel re-imagines the journey of the Prince chasing his dream to and around our island.

Explore the depths of the underwater world and encounter the variety of ethnic cultures which came together because of maritime connections, reminding us of how Singapore as a nation has been shaped by centuries of maritime trade and travel.

8. Glow Away

Venue: SMU Campus Green

Filled with various coloured UV-activated slime, snap an IG photo of the Glow Away installation.

10. Lucent

Walk into a magical rainforest amid illuminated trees and a soothing soundscape that transforms the heart of Singapore into an ambient oasis.
Venue: SMU Campus Green

11. Project:Dome – OCISLY

Venue: SMU Campus Green

Scan the OCISLY QR code with your mobile device, select your emoticon and release it to populate the evolving atmosphere of the dome. Feel free to spawn as many emoticons as you want! Ever-changing, festival-goers can expect a different experience each time they visit.

12. Project:Dome – Soul Beads in Harmony

Venue: SMU Campus Green

Taking inspiration from the fusion of cultures that form the unique Peranakan identity, this installation transforms the dome into a mesmerising digital canvas of luminous beadwork.

Each bead features floral, foliage, animals or mythical creatures that are important to Peranakan beliefs. Woven together, the intricate beadwork brings life, meaning and purpose to every beaded motif

13. Project:Dome – The Land Above

Venue: SMU Campus Green

Through the visual language of art, this installation presents abstract geography with traditional motifs from the Nusantara world, giving way to the rising tide of a reimagined cultural kaleidoscope.

Step into this portal where the past collides with the future, and experience the symbiotic relationship between nature & culture.

14. Project:Dome – SOLIS

Venue: SMU Campus Green

In this immersive futuristic dome that brings to life the awe-inspiring spectacle of nuclear fusion, festival-goers come together to activate the power of the sun, generating a bolder, brighter future, where clean, renewable and limitless energy is accessible to all.

15. Project:Dome – Strange Attractions

Venue: SMU Campus Green

Strange Attractions, a body of work spanning thirty years, is based on the mathematics of chaos theory.

The artiste uses this installation to explore natural systems, patterns, and rhythms. Images of these evolving chaotic systems are layered, one moment over next, like waves washing over sand, eventually replaced by the accumulation of those that come after.

16. Work-in-progress

Venue: National Design Centre

A scaffold structure populated with animated light formations brings across endless possibilities of “imagination”, the foundation to Asylum’s pursuit of creativity.

Singapore Night Festival 2019
When: 23 – 31 August 2019, 1930hr – 0000hr
Where: Bras Basah Bugis district
Cost: Admission is free. Ticketing charges apply for selected programs.

Images from Singapore Night Festival